About Dave

Hang around a photographer long enough, and the phrase “rule of thirds” will probably come up. The idea is to keep your subject away from the center of the frame to create more visual interest, and in a way, that’s how I approach all my photo sessions: keeping things ever so left of center.

I’m a native of St. Louis and love all the ghost signs, warm brick walls, stunning parks, and quirky locations it has to offer. I’m based in South City, near Tower Grove Park, but I also love to jump in the car with my camera and head out to some of the more beautiful (but lesser-known) state and county parks that are the real hidden gems of our state.

If you need a photographer who can capture the warmth and love (or kooky energy!) of your family; or who’s willing to climb or crawl on and over just about anything to capture that perfect shot on your wedding day; or who can create engagement photos that show you being swept off your feet and into the blue sky above–I’m happy to oblige.



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