Pas de Deux: St. Louis Dance Photography

Ideas beget ideas. Quite often I’ll go into a session planning on doing one thing, only to find myself pulled in a new direction as the shoot evolves. I saw this image from one of my contacts on flickr, and thought it would be fun to try something similar here.  So I recruited some friends and headed on down to Laclede’s Landing to see what we could do.

I had one image in mind, but not much else. Once we got that out of the way, I more or less turned Raii and Olivia loose to see what ideas they had. As you can see, they had a number of good ones! And what had started as a shoot to get one image turned into a shoot with more great shots than I knew what to do with. So I’ll share them with you!

Raii and Olivia, by the by, dance with CKDC, who you may have seen earlier.

And did you know you could follow me on flickr? I have work there that doesn’t always make it way to this blog.


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