“We were looking for a style that was more true-to-life and creative than typical cookie-cutter wedding photography, and Dave provided that. He was able to think on his feet and capture unpredictable images, while also putting a unique twist on more traditional and posed shots. And while you knew he was working hard, he remained friendly, easy-going, and fun to work with.”

–Bill + Tassy






“The idea of a family photo can make most people feel like they are in for an afternoon of unnatural poses and forced smiles. What a refreshing change this was with Dave. What we greatly appreciated was how he treated our 6 year old as a person and allowed her to express herself. This made this a special event for her rather than a day of drudgery. We recommend Dave to anyone wanting real photos that you can look back upon and say, yes, that is us.”










“To say these are amazing would be an understatement. Thank you for perfectly capturing our big day. We are absolutely in love with the photos!”

–Melissa + Ian










“Dave is amazing and very laid back while still being professional. He’s great with my kids and has always been able to capture their authentic selves.”










“Dave is very creative. I asked for something offbeat and he knew exactly what I wanted. He also asked for examples of shots I had in mind, which was great–because he wanted to give me the best experience possible. Dave is very nice and has a comfortable presence.”

–David + Christina